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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


CHURCH IN THE NOW has always seemed to be able to do the impossible, and we still are doing it today, even in this time of physical transition. CHURCH IN THE NOW MIDTOWN continues to meet at Virginia Highland Church until we can acquire our own space, but for months now, CHURCH IN THE NOW EAST (Conyers location) has been totally mobile.

Between AMC Stonecrest Theatre, Salem High School, Rockdale Auditorium, and Conyers Olde Town Pavilion, CITNE has basically met at a different location for each and every service since April, including total set-up and tear-down for all worship times (sound, lighting, musical instruments, cameras, internet streaming capability, and improvised childcare facility), and it has been...well, let's say it's been a wonderful adventure.

There are certain blessings reserved for "the church in the wilderness", and we have most definitely enjoyed those.

But aside from paying rent on all of the locations which I have already mentioned, we are also renting office space in another location, as well as renting storage space in yet other locations.

In other words, we're having church all over the place!

And we're paying for the use of all of it.

And this is on top of still paying a full-time and part-time staff, as well as finishing up some remaining financial obligations from when we were on Iris Drive (mostly lease-purchases of equipment that we are currently using).

Bottom line, it really is all good.

And, as usual, we've been doing the impossible...

God knows a lot of people left the church in the last couple of years for whatever reason(s) (even though many of them still privately contact me to request prayer, counseling, hospital visitation and other pastoral services on a regular basis), but hundreds of people stayed with us, and for that I am infinitely grateful.

There are still others who have told me that they can't deal with the mobility, and that as soon as we find a permanent location, they'll be back at church. Even though I don't fully understand their reasoning on it, I certainly hope they mean it.

Still others have told me that our present limited nursery and childcare capability prevents them from attending as they would like.

Anyway, I think you get the point, which is that we have GOT to get everything under one roof ASAP!

As many of you know, we have been in constant pursuit of a facility large enough to house CHURCH IN THE NOW EAST for about a year and a half, and it has been quite a challenge.

We're not technically a megachurch any more...at least not at the moment, anyway...but we're definitely too big to go to a storefront or some small retail space.

Long story short, we've narrowed it down to leasing the building that we presented to the church about a year ago, and so far so good with getting approval and zoning requirements, etc. for it.

It's not a church building (even though it looks like one), but it's the most kid-friendly and youth-friendly building that we have been able to find, and the capability for childcare and education is first rate.

It doesn't have a sanctuary...we're going to have to create that.

But we've created something out of nothing before, so that's not a big deal.

But it does have everything that we need for kids and young people...even for a school...and we have always been about celebrating and sacrificing for the NEXT GENERATION.

And it's a permanent location (at least for now) for us to get everything in one place, where people can find us and we can start to grow again.

And it's a beautiful, modern building that's not connected to any other church or denomination.

What we need right now is money...money for security deposit, rent, chairs, some minor renovations, and we for sure need an extra $8,000 in the next few days.

I don't have time here to spiritualize this...if you believe in us, help us. Period.

I need you to send whatever you can, especially those of you who write me constantly and tell me that you're so glad that we're still here, and that we still have a vision for the future.

If you really believe that, go to the website right now and make a donation (www.churchinthenow.org)

Or call the church office and put it on your credit card...

Or come to church and put it in the offering!

THANKS! I really appreciate it!


  1. We are here behind you....in what we can do, and if everybody says that and does that.....it becomes doable for sure. love to all.....<3 Mom and Dad

  2. S.D. said...

    I just wanted to drop you a note tonight to say thank you... and I love you.

    If you told me this time last year that I would experience a major life upheaval, get fired from my job, go back to my original field of practice, AND experience a major healing in my spiritual life at a Christian megachurch across the country... well, you can imagine what I would have said.

    You were there at precisely the moments I needed to hear from God, and you gave me critical messages that informed my practice throughout. I never see a sunrise reflecting off the downtown skyscrapers from the bus in the AM without thinking of you.

    You have been given to me as a healing and delight from Mother Meera, I do believe. And I treasure you, and your ministry.

    I wish I had all 8K and then some. But, 300.00 is a start, cause it's been a while. And I imagine, if just a few others make a similar start, you're going to have it before too long.

    There's a lot more I could say, but you already know.

    Thank you. May God bless your every step and heartbeat.

  3. Amanda Stephens said...

    really like this place I'm feeling it.:)

  4. Dennis Caldwell siad...

    Hey Bish, I tried to leave a comment on this blog but I guess I did something wrong. I never saw it show up. Anyway I was more inspired then and cant remember what I said. It looks like a beautiful building and it does look like a church! I did what I could and pray God will poor out an overwhelming blessing so that there wont be room to hold it! Hallelujah!

  5. A.B. said...

    We love you. We believe in you. We stand by you; and, we just donated! Love You Bishop!

  6. Bishop...been on vacation this week...just got back this morning...love the pix you posted of new building...So excited for CITN and the favor God has given us...We believe in this ministry...We believe in you...Donating Now...