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Monday, October 8, 2012


"I read the last chapter of your book last night. What a beautiful way to end the book. I don't think you could make the book any better than it is. Love it!!"
- LS
"Just finished your book. As I wipe away my tears, I am reminded of the so many similar conversations I have had with my precious Aunt, RW, that you wrote about. She and I have talked a lot over the years about her struggles and I am beyond happy for her that she is finally happy and feels truly worthy of being loved. I hope and pray that this book ends up in all the right hands that it needs to because I am certain it will change lives, bring peace and mend relationships. You sir helped me be that person for her long before now, so thank you."

"Oprah's Book Club, here we come."

"Bishop, thanks for the signed book! I enjoyed it. The chapter about your childhood friend, where you described your feelings towards him and how when you realized there would never be anything further than just friends made you feel, was what spoke to me the most. Yes, the part you were "thinking of not putting in", if I recall correctly. In brief, I have a brother that is gay and didn't make it know to our family until he was in his mid 30's, although it wasn't a shock. His partner passed away at that time, and my brother was going through a hard time with his loss. Although I supported him, I do remember not having empathy that I would have had if it was a traditional boy/girl relationship. I could only relate as if it where a friend that had passed away...sad, but you'll get over it (sooner). Your description of how you felt brought more understanding of how my brother must have felt growing up, being alone, and how he coped. So for that, I say thank you for sharing that part of your life with detail. Receive great success with the book!"
- CH

"So many people will be so encouraged... great job!"

"Dear Bishop, your book is bold and beautiful, and right to the point! Right on with the next one. I am looking forward to the TV interview. Be ready with your quick and wonderful explanations...May the world come to know the truth...God Bless you."
- EB

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  1. Jean de Sousa said...

    Bishop, love the book already!! Thank you for having the courage to share your intimate life with everyone. You truly are amazing....

  2. Rowena Silvera said...

    Can't wait to read it!!!

  3. Sandra Rosser said...

    I started reading the book on the plane flying to Las Vegas for a meeting today. Good stuff Bish!

  4. Wanda Morgan-Baker said...

    Reading the book in between two papers for school & I'm getting goosebumps...gotta get two more copies for pastoral friends. So far so good, Bishop...

  5. Bishop,
    Thank you for always being real, I started and finished your book today and was very blessed by every word. I have never started a book and finished it in the same day, I could not and would not put it down, this book will touch many generations to come. I dont think anyone knows their future but with this book I am sure you have touched lives that have not yet been born.

    Love Always, Dennis S. Drake

  6. Dennis Drake said...

    Bishop, when I statred reading the book this morning I had no idea that six hours later I would still be reading let alone that i would have finished the entire book. I have never read a book from cover to cover in one sitting but in this case I could not and would not put it down. As a gay man, partner of 19 years, 5 children and grandchildren I could not agree with anyones walk in life than I do with yours. Everything you siad will with out a doubt touch many peoples lives, You are blessed and highly favored, there is no doubt in my mind that this book will touch many generations to come.

  7. Brenda Bevelle Yarbrough said...

    Bishop just finished reading your book and because I am simply awe struck, let me now say AWESOME!! I loved the way it was constructed and written very creative and easy to read plus understand. The message was simply yet very deep and enlighting. It opened my eyes to some things I had never even considered nor thought about. If I can fit this book into my conversation at any time I will be your #1 salesperson because this book will show us all a better way. You were brought to us for such a time as this....

  8. Jeannie Glover said...

    Bishop, I just finished reading your latest book (I've read all of them by the way). I really enjoyed it, as I have all the previous ones. Obviously this one is a lot different than the others, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write to you about some specifics that you wrote about.

    First, one of the things you said made such an impression on me. You said that your thought process was "If I can make God see me as a great soul-winner, maybe He won't notice that I'm really gay". I really empathized with that statement - I felt your pain. I grew up in the Assembly of God Church, and I relate to so many things you say. You are such a great leader and you deserve to be happy!

    Secondly, I was moved to tears when I read your "letters" to your family. When I watched the DVD of you addressing the church concerning your sexual orientation , I was truly overwhelmed by your courage. Each broadcast that I watched / listened to over the next few months made me so proud of you. And just when I thought you had said it all, you became even MORE transparent - by including your most intimate feelings, to your family, in the book. So again, you have truly outdone yourself Bishop!

    Thank you for all that you do,

    Jeannie Glover

    P.S. I need to get back to church because I have listened to some of your recorded sermons so many times that I'm preaching WITH you as I'm going down the road! LOL.