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Thursday, April 25, 2013

God Bless America

I watched the George W. Bush Presidential Center dedication this morning...whatever you may think or say about our presidents, both past and present (and I have my own opinions about all of them), there's something really amazing about seeing all the living Commanders-In-Chief and their wives come together to honor one of their own...seeing them put aside their own political platforms and sometimes-negative histories with one another to take the high road in their speeches is inspirational, and makes me proud of what is good about the U.S.A....


  1. Bo Sebastian said...

    I agree totally

  2. Elizabeth Reynolds said...

    Thank you Jim Swilley for the very apolitical reminder of the best of our country

  3. Charles Johnson said...

    I so agree with you Bishop

  4. Marvin Matthews said...

    Very well stated!