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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OCTOBER SERIES...First Reviews

Just some of the feedback that I've received from the first installment of our October series, MANIFESTING THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART from all three Sunday services (CHURCH IN THE NOW EAST, CHURCH IN THE NOW ONLINE, CHURCH IN THE NOW MIDTOWN)

Brent said..."Simply amazing!"
Sharon said..."I've heard your voice for years, and I always think you get better and better, but that was seriously the best I've EVER heard from you!"
John said... "LOVE how you're tying in scriptural truths with New Thought concepts!! TO the point we are half way considering moving to Atlanta...keep being you!"
Pamela said..."I must say when I first heard this at the 9 - it blew me away - it is still doing it.....this is more than cool...in fact any of my adjectives do not work on describing this...so I will shut up and stop trying....LOL...
Debye Swilley said... "I seriously thought I was going to take off running!!! Total life changing word!! Thank you!"

Deb said..."Once again a life changing word...we may end up with a Pentecostal service yet...clear the aisles there may be some running & shouting going on....LoL"
Romanita said..."The insights and thoughts at Apres Diem were intense! Thanks for leading the sharing."

Sheryl said..."It was awesome, it made so much sense"
Brenda said..."I was on the edge of my seat, that word was ....I can't think of any words that will express it....I can't wait for the next part....yes I almost flipped my wig LOL"
Jean said..."Awesome teaching! Loved it! We are definitely in the right place at the right time for this WORD!! We are seeing more clearly now {love that song}...Be blessed...Love you..."
Dave said..."I can't wait for the next part!"

Thanks, everyone, for having an ear to hear! It just gets better and better...the knowledge of the Lord is filling ALL THE EARTH as the waters cover the sea! See you tomorrow night...

   - JES

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