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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reflections on 42 Years

42 pics to commemorate 42 years of ministry today...
1. February 14  is what I consider to be my Spiritual Birthday and Ministry Anniversary date...this pic was taken a couple of months ago at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church (Formerly Faith Memorial Church), where I preached my first sermon in 1972
2. With Don Lemon on CNN
3. Ministering to AIDS patients at clinic in Uganda
4. Baptizing in the Jordan River
5. My consecration to the office of Bishop in October 1998
6. Speaking at Global Peace Festival, Seoul, Korea
7. Preaching on the Sea of Galilee
8. Ministering at children's home in Uganda
9. Opening day of the CHURCH IN THE NOW new building
10. Ministering at the TFAM Conference in Las Vegas
11. With Candi Staton, who recorded and popularized my song 'It's the Anointing'
12. On "Abundant Life' TV program

13. Global Peace Festival at CHURCH IN THE NOW

14. With T.L. Osborn in Puerto Rico
15. The arrival of my latest book
16. Building for Habitat for Humanity in Peru

17. ICCC College of Bishops
18. Consecration 2
19. Baptizing Gary Sheffield
20. My father speaking at opening service of CHURCH IN THE NOW new building
21. Preaching in Ramallah, Palestine
22. Channel 57
23. Diana Davis interview, WSB-TV
24. With Minister Farrakhan in Chicago
25. Interfaith Service on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
26. At Tabernacle Baptist Church
27. Leaving prison ministry in Uganda
28. Interfaith Leadership Conference, Ozamiz City

29. Success Freaks Conference at CHURCH IN THE NOW EAST
30. Ministering at CHURCH IN THE NOW EAST
31. UPCC Holy Convocation
32. The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
33. Ministering at CHURCH IN THE NOW MIDTOWN
34. Iligan City, Philippines
35. Meeting with the Chief Islamic Judge of Palestine
36. Children in Ozamiz City, Philippines
37. With Edwin Hawkins in Las Vegas
38. Preaching in the Philippines

40. CITN 20th Anniversary
41. Covenant Relationships

"I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ..."
Romans 1:16


  1. Linda M Curtis said...

    Happy Anniversary ! So glad I was led to you, along my journey~ December 28, 2008 ! Never been the same...and totally been In The NOW ! Love You, Bish.

  2. Harold Worthington said...

    You have been Blessed But You have Blessed more People than You know. Keep up the Great work. Hugs and happy Valentine.

  3. Wow.. Wish I could've been there... So glad I'm there now!

  4. Sandra Rosser said...

    Happy Anniversary Bishop! I'm so glad we found you on the radio back in 1986. Through the many ups and downs in my life, you and your teaching have been the constant that helped me survive and grow as a human being, and for that I am more than grateful, I am blessed. Much love

  5. DrPaul Crites said...

    Happy Anniversary Jimmy. Stay Focused on your Consecrated Call, You have touched so many lives. I am certain God is smiling. 40 is Generational & 2 is Agreement. This is your season.

  6. Patti L Cook said...

    Happy Anniversary Bishop! Love & Blessings!

  7. Pastor Paul Graetz said...

    Happy Anniversary. What a blessing it is to look back on 42 years. Thank you for the gift that you are.

  8. Robin Rowlison Jaros said...

    Congrats Bishop thankful for you!

  9. Irma Crump said...


  10. Harolene Mushegan Leguizamon said...

    Dear Jim Swilley I well remember the day of this life altering experience for you and I am so proud to have been there to see the happy young man having received his call from God! Happy Anniversary on this special day <3

  11. Sheryl Morris Mitchell said...

    Happy Anniversary, thank you for staying on your course, for following your heart, seeking the truth, not religion. Thank for changing lives, hearts, and minds. You have been such a great blessing to me and our family. Love you!

  12. Ken Marshall said...

    Happy 42nd anniversary Jim ! I learned so much from your teachings in the almost 2 years that I have known you ! You are a blessing in my life and to everyone that knows you ! I'm very proud of you and the man that you are . You are a great man and I can't wait to see all the wonderful blessings God has for you in the future ! Love you !

  13. Winfred FightingMediocrity Christian said...

    Happy Anniversary Bishop,

    I am so thankful that you answered the call of God that was unique to you and in so doing, you have revealed the real Christ to those who hear your voice. I am convinced that God is good and God is Love !!!
    No strings attached.

  14. #41 Made me cry. Love you, Bishop! Happy anniversary!!

  15. Karl Cobos says...So glad I dropped in a few years ago to check out the church. You've been a wonderful voice in my life. Thank you!

  16. Debra Daw Murphy said...

    Happy 42nd anniversary to you....I would tell you how awesome you are and how much I love to hear you teach...how much I have grown because of you...how much my life has changed and all that...but, wouldn't want you to get the big head!!! Ha Ha, so I will just say...keep on trucking another 42! .. Love you lots... but, you are all that and a bag of chips....

  17. Deb Perkins Muehlstein said...

    Blessed to have you as our Pastor... We love you!

  18. Calvin Thompson said...

    Congrats to you Bishop....i'm glad i met you.

  19. Rowena Silvera said...

    Wow! What an amazing career. Many more wonders to come...

  20. Cindy Barlow Stanfield said...

    Bish. Can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the 13 plus years of teaching I was fortunate enough to experience under your ministry. You truly did change the trajectory of my life in countless ways. i see things in a completely different light/filter and i am so thankful for all the ways you have caused me to think more broadly and with less judgement. Eternally grateful for your obedience to follow His call on your life. Much love to you.

  21. Mark Alan Fout said...

    Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for selflessly giving of yourself for 42 years...

  22. Sandi Schmidt Barton said...

    Happy Anniversary Bish!

  23. Wanda Usher said...

    Happy Anniversary! I have been with you 20 years and have learned so much from you. Thank you for be the blessing that you are. Love you Bishop!!!!

  24. Cynthia Fruge Alexander said...

    Happy 42nd Anniversary Bishop! Thank you for being such an amazing and awesome man of God. The best decision my family and I ever made was to attend and join Church In The Now. Your messages have always been right on time in my life. Thank you for your guidance and word to me. I love you very much. Here's to another 42 years of ministry.

  25. Roderick T. Alexander said...

    Happy 42nd Anniversary Bishop! Cynthia Fruge Alexander hit it right on the head for us. Church In The Now is our family church and we are very proud members! Again, Happy 42nd Anniversary and we love you!

  26. Thought this TED talk that showed up in my world this week really resonated with me - wanted to share with your world as well.