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Sunday, June 15, 2014

One On One with Jim Swilley #3


  1. Todd Wade said...

    Great message! Have a Happy Fathers Day!

  2. Ken Wortley said...

    Jim jim JIM , i am sitting here on a saturday night and listening to your GOD SENT WORDS TO ME! THANK the LIVING LORD for YOU tonight....It sounded like you recorded this message earlier this saturday in some cabin. There has been so many times when i consider that telling the truth was NOT a good idea for all i have lost in my reltionship with my two sons and my ex wife, but your words, telling the truth has set me free and for sure HAS not made my life easier. I am on this incredible journey, this year huge stressful changes , bought a condo, getting married, changing jobs...all potential trouble and fear, but I am ON THE WAY...THANKS AGAIN JIM

  3. That's excellent! Thanks for telling me...God's got you...stay strong!