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Monday, June 23, 2014

One On One with Jim Swilley #6


  1. Melissa Scarbrough said...

    Love it. Love you. Love ya'll. I knew if I waited you out, you'd come back to Atlanta, where you belong! I had to laugh because my aunt told me just the other day that I was born backasswards, feet first, with a pointed head. She said I was so twisted looking that she cried the first time she saw me because I looked like something from another planet. I couldn't believe it was the first time I was hearing this, but with my mom and dad dying young, she was the only other one at my birth to live to tell me this at the ripe old age of...well let's not go there here. Love this series JimEarl!

  2. Wow...

    that's very interesting...thanks for your great words...made my day! <3

  3. Timothy L. Jainniney said...

    I stayed right up the street from C-park at a Holiday Inn many years ago and walked to many areas around there. Beautiful area. Enjoying the clips as well as the In The Now videos.

  4. Thanks, Timothy...hope your recovery is going well...