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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In The Now with Jim Swilley Episode 11: "Losing My Religion" [Part 2]


  1. Donald Cofield said...

    Yay. Now I have something to watch tonight after I "git did" with my workout. It's called having something to look forward to.

  2. Anthoni Chris said...

    about to get all off into this. with my babe, Arabic coffee and breakfast. Will post what we learn later.

  3. Cedric McNeal said...

    Wow! This will be on repeat for the next few days.

  4. Cynthia Alford said...

    Bishop, I was really amazed by these different points-of-view in this feature. I may not have understood every thing was being discussed, but what I did understand, was very revealing. What a feature!!!

  5. Anthoni Chris said...

    I was blessed with the same similarity attracts us - we are working with gay men in particular and all people in general. Men of faith that are Gay are awakening to their true self and are uniting - without burning bridges but building bridges of inclusion. My partner and I totally identify with these episodes and are in prayerfully expectation! AWESOME!

  6. Reginald Sawyer said...

    I'm glad to see the panel of people you have put together, although you say things differently you all flow very well together. The information is so on point to the way people think about the bible and how to view God and his love for us. Just good stuff and it makes me think about my own views and why I think like I do.

  7. Donald Cofield said...

    I am currently awaiting part three.

  8. Barbara Clancy said...

    Good, good, gooooood!!!