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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Now Hear This!

It isn't finished yet, but as of yesterday, Freedom Tower (World Trade Center) is now officially the tallest building in the USA, and third tallest in the world. This is what it looked like back in December when we were there.

And on this one year anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden, it's good to know that, regardless of your feelings about his execution (and I have already publicly expressed mine), and no matter what your political persuasion, and regardless of who should or shouldn't get the credit for it, the good news is that we don't have to dread seeing the latest video of him on tonight's news, overshadowing the joy of the rebuilt tower.

Whatever you feel about it, the fact is he's gone.

And the tower is back.

I love my country, and today I'm feeling patriotic. I love New York, and look forward to the day I can stand on top of the World Trade Center again.

But more than that, I'm feeling very encouraged by the symbolism of the rebuilt tower.

It makes me think of the promise that "your latter shall be greater than your former".

It's possible to survive.

It's possible to rebuild.

It's possible to be fully restored.

God bless America...and thank God for the promise of getting back up after a fall.

All things are possible.


  1. It looks Awesome! USA! USA! USA!

  2. I watched a documentary on the building process several months ago. They had just reached the point where the upside down triangles sides were becoming wider...amazing, precision-required never-done-before things were being done by "ordinary" ironworkers, including adjustments made at the point where pieces didn't quite come together as planned...requiring trust and teamwork between beam-welders and crane operators especially, whose minor mistake in adjusting for the sway of the building or the constant wind at that height could mean disaster.

    What stood out the most, though, was how many of the workers considered it a calling, an honor and a privilege. And many of them had either worked on the original building or were the next generation of someone who had. Very cool.

    I agree.

    Freedom Tower is a symbol of determination and commitment, the audacity of hope (smile) and of promise ...on so many levels...

  3. That was the title of the first message I heard you share..."Now hear this" and it still impacts me the way it did back in 2008! I love when you share the living word! :)

  4. Consider this...
    God is not a separate entity, a noun, a being...
    God is a verb...God be's ALL in all...the sum total of ALL